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The redevelopment site for gentrification was a repetition of already familiar ruins and rebirth. The taboo land must disappear in order to be reborn as land for gentrification, steep new land known as a green desert is always the right choice, animals who have lost their land are discovered every night as carcasses. The world which must disappear in order to be regenerated exists like a ghost within the oppression caused by political-economic logic. This series of works, which has been going on since 2016, began from the question of ''how to visually reveal the violent relationship between these worlds.'' While the entire process of the work has not progressed in a sequential and deliberate way within the various pronged development-oriented questions, I sought to intervene through visual devices in the logic of the power of an actual place that seems like an eternal present. Although I will not be able to bring about a change in the social contradictions and conflict that I see through my work, I am in the process of exploring ways of revealing the psychological anxiety and vague fear that I could be eliminated from this world tomorrow, and forms of responding to it.


                                                                                 Boram Soh 2016



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