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Jan van Eyck Academie Open Studio, The Geometry of the hunter, Rehearsal, Maastricht, NL, 2021                        Photo. Romy Finke

The geometry of the hunter

Online event, 19:00 
Thursday 1 July 2021

The geometry of the hunter is inspired by the process of rewriting "Blue Tigers" by Jorges Luis Borges into "Blue deers." It rearranges the dynamics of tiger and deer, animal and hunter across 20th century, and attempts to " be a hunter” based on sniper’s note by interpreting geometric objects within the relationship between body and clothing.



Still cut, The geometry of the hunter, Single channel video, 2021





Cultivation of biodegradable skin from fermented tea leaves, Jan van eyck academie 2020                                                                                     

One summer night, when only her car’s headlights shone in the dark, Boram Soh collided with the already flattened body of a water deer. Looking up, she caught the eyes of a fawn orbiting the corpse. Transfixed by the traumatic memory of meeting the young deer’s gaze, her work has adopted the shining pupils of one and the flat body of the other as the relationship between the sun of age-old mythical narratives and the biodegradable skin of fermented tea leaves. Her experiments evoke an Egyptian mummy’s dry skin, a water deer’s torn skin, and living human skin, as they extend from the biochemistry of plants and animals to hydrogen-based material communities.

            Soh’s research juxtaposes the mechanics of matter with abstract concepts of light and darkness, life and death, sacrifice and regeneration. She singularly interprets symbols and sign systems, translating them into hieroglyphics. Through projections of material embodiments in an immanent if precarious future, she tracks water deer across South Korea’s capitalist and ecological landscapes from ancient cave paintings to the present day.


                                                                    Jan van eyck openstudios, Amanda Sarroff 2021

boram_soh20_C6A0205 edit.jpg


Installation view of Jan van eyck academie openstudios 2021                                                                                                Photo. Romy Finke                                                                              


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